How to set up the Elgato Streamdeck

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How to set up the Elgato Streamdeck


SCRATCH and Live FX both support the Elgato Streamdeck via Open Sound Control (OSC). In addition to the native implementation in SCRATCH and Live FX, users need to setup the Streamdeck app, in order to properly communicate with SCRATCH. At the bottom of this article is a downloadable ZIP-file with all needed files.

SCRATCH / Live FX setup

In the System Settings, Panels tab, the Elgato Streamdeck can be enabled. Note that if the Streamdeck is used together with a grading panel (e.g. Tangent Element), then both, the panel and the Streamdeck need to be enabled here. In addition to that, a specific mapping file (attached to this article) needs to be used. More on this later in this chapter.

Streamdeck App setup

Installing necessary Plugins

The communication between the Streamdeck and SCRATCH / Live FX is using the OSC-protocol. This requires an OSC-plugin to be installed for the Streamdeck app:

- Mac: "OSC Remote" plugin for macOS from the Elgato Store or by copying the plugin from the download package to ~/Library/Application Support/com.elgato.Streamdeck/Plugins/
- Win: Install "Send OSC" Plugin from folder via double clicking it. Find latest version here in the Release folder:

Once the corresponding Streamdeck plugin is installed, proceed with the profiles for macOS and Windows.

Importing the Streamdeck Profiles

When importing a profile into the Streamdeck app, make sure to select the one for your operating system.
Since the plugins are different on macOS and Windows, the profiles also need to reflect that.
In the ZIP we ship 3 profiles: One for a single Streamdeck, featuring two pages: Printer Lights and Tray Controls.
Then two more profiles, each featuring a single page to be put onto two Streamdecks simultaneously.
Choose whichever fits your needs and existing hardware best. Once done, you are ready to use Streamdeck inside SCRATCH.

Combining a grading panel with a Streamdeck

To use the Streamdeck alongside a grading panel, both items need to be enabled in the Panel tab of the System Settings.
Next, the ZIP contains extended cs_mappings.xml files for each grading panel.
Pick the mappings file for your panel-combo and rename it to just read "cs_mappings.xml".
Then copy that XML into the Settings folder (best to reach via the "Logfiles.." button on the startup screen).

To add the Streamdeck to an existing customized panel mapping, you need to copy parts of the Streamdeck mappings file
into your custom mappings file. To assist with this, please contact support.

The ‘cs_mappings.xml’ file will control the initial mapping of the panels. However, if you make any changes within SCRATCH, a new version of this file, called ‘cs_mappings.xml’ will be placed in the User folder. This file will override the file in the Settings folder. If you want to remove any modifications that you’ve made, just delete this file from the User folder and SCRATCH will revert back to the ‘cs_mappings.xml’ file in the Settings folder. You can also take your panel mappings with you by copying the ‘cs_mappings.xml’ file from the User folder onto a flash drive and then loading it into the User folder of another system.

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