01 - Live Looks & Live Assist Download and Installation

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01 - Live Looks & Live Assist Download and Installation


Getting up and running takes just two easy steps:

  1. Download and Install the software. Go here to find the latest or an earlier version of the installer and to read the release notes.
  2. Activate your license key. Go here to read more about how to activate the software and manage your license key(s).


Live Looks / Live Assist is released as a 64bit application on both Windows and OS X. For Windows - version 10 is recommended. Windows Server variants have not been actively tested. The minimum supported version for OS X is 10.7.5.


The installer is typically downloaded from the Assimilate Support Site as a.zip or .pkg file. In the case of a .zip file, you need to unzip the file before you can begin the installation. The file can be unzipped using a default zip utility. Once the file is unzipped, there is a folder with two files in it. In case of the Windows installer these are AssimSetup64.msi and ReleaseNotes.txt. The OS X installer comes in the form of a .pkg file instead of a .msi file. The ReleaseNotes.txt file is copied into the main SCRATCH install directory by the installer. See below for more information about this file.


Live Looks / Live Assist is installed using the .msi file. Double-clicking on this file launches the installer program. When the installer first launches, an initial dialog is shown, indicating that you are about to install Assimilate software on your system. 

Startup Setup Step 1

Installing Live Looks / Live Assist is a standard Windows install:

  • read the license agreement and confirm / agree to the terms
  • set the install folder
  • copy and install the program files


    The install program in OS X is started by double-clicking the .pkg file and goes through a similar series of steps as the Windows install,standard to an OS X installation.

    Installing Live Looks / Live Assist is a standard OS X install:

    • read the license agreement and confirm / agree to the terms
    • set the install folder
    • enter administrator credentials for installation
    • copy and install the program files

    UPGRADING Live Looks & Live Assist

    Both applications are updated regularly to add new functionality and improve existing features. To upgrade to a new version of the software, follow these steps:

    1. Back-up all project and user information. This information should be backed up regularly, but it is most important to have a backup version of your project information before installing a new version should you ever need to revert back to a previous version for any reason.
    2. Remove the software using Add/Remove Programs in the Windows Control Panel or moving the app from the Applications folder into the bin under OSX.
    3. Install the new version of software by running the .msi/.pkg installer that was provided.

    Note: A new Live Looks / Live Assist license may be required when upgrading to new versions of the software. Check the Release Notes that are included with new versions of the software for information about licensing before beginning the install process.

    Note: It is most important that you check the Release notes of a new version to make sure it is fully backward compatible with the current version you are running. It is discouraged to switch to a new version while working on a project but rather wait to install the new version when starting a new project.

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