03 - Custom Pull-downs and Project Metadata

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03 - Custom Pull-downs and Project Metadata


There are two areas in SCRATCH that use pull-down menus, which can be customized at a global level. They are the Aspect Ratio pull-down and the Image Formats pull-down. These pull-downs can be customized inside the SCRATCH Preferences dialog. Furthermore from the Metadata tab you can control the default list of Project Metadata items with each project.


You can Add or Remove a format by using the corresponding buttons below the list. Use the controls on the right to Edit an (existing) format. 

  • Format: the text used on the pull-down menu within SCRATCH.
  • Width: the number of horizontal pixels the Construct resolution is set to.
  • Height: the number of vertical pixels the Construct resolution is to.
  • Aspect Ratio: the aspect ratio value used by the Construct. 
  • Frame Rate: The Frame Rate is used by the Construct. The value is stored with six decimal places.  


The first couple of items in the Aspects Settings are fixed and cannot be changed and ared shown as disabled.

  • Aspect: the label describing the ratio
  • The actual ratio: positive values indicate ratios for an image, while negative values indicate pixel ratios.


As described in Chapter 4 - The Construct in the paragraph about the Project Tree - each project can have a set of metadata items to store information about the project and use that information e.g. for reporting or media burn-in purposes.

Using the Metadata tab you can add / remove or update the default list of metadata items for all SCRATCH Projects. Note that when you add a new itme, this will also appear in the list for all existing projects - however, you only add the name part or the name-value metadata item. The item is only stored with a project if you actually set its value.

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Last Modified:Wednesday, June 20, 2018