02. Assimilate Product Suite V9.5 - Download

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02. Assimilate Product Suite V9.5 - Download


  • Read the Release notes for any compatibility issues.
  • Make sure you have the appropriate license to run the new version / build. Contact licensing@assimilateinc.com if you have any questions.
  • Backup all your settings and projects before installing any new version of the Assimilate Product Suite.
  • Un-install any previous version of SCRATCH/Assimilate Product Suite using the Add/Remove Programs option in the Windows Control Panel.
  • Legal notices - the Assimilate Product Suite contains software licensed by third parties. Before installing the software click here to find all information and legal notices.
  • Download the software using the links below.
  • Unzip and run the .msi installer file or installation package for OS X.

Download the latest Assimilate Product Suite build from here:

Additional optional downloads:

  • USD Lib (for Universal Scene Descriptor and Hydra render support in SCRATCH and Live FX - Windows only)
  • Unreal Engine Live Link Plugin (v08 - 2022/08/23) for Live FX: UE5.0, UE4.27, UE4.26


Dec 2 '22, build 1114

  • Rendered 4K DCI J2C files did not contain the correct TLM markers.
  • Certain controls of the Matte-Wrap and Lens Blur plug-ins could not be animated or live linked.
  • Fixes on the Phantom-reader. The Highlight Recovery option did not work correctly with certain shots. Sometimes an included user matrix did not show up for selection properly. Some BGR files were treated as RGB.
  • In Live Assist the selection list of Video-IO channels did not always fit the full channel reference text. Also, the actual video-wall settings were not always properly reflected in the settings tab.
  • Added an extra option to the batch-functions in the layer list: remove all layers with the same name. Also, if a player range is set - the batch function will now only apply to the shots in the range rather than the full timeline.
  • In some cases, the OCIO plug-in would show its input upside down.
  • On the Mac, the (control surface) devices list in the system settings would not always show all available items.

Nov 17 '22, build 1113

  • Fix on ARRI reader where processing could fail if the GPU used was not the first CUDA device on the system.
  • Update on QuickTime output which now uses the Rec709 conversion matrix for RGB to YUV conversion for P3 color spaces.
  • Fix for AJA (Io 4K) VideoIO where the HDMI input was only working for channel 1.
  • Fix on the clip naming for recording in Live FX, where adding a letter based code to ensure the filename was unique did not work correct. In this build a new default naming mask is set (which overwrites any previous set filemask!), which includes the date and time of the recording. You can still update the default filemask in the Live FX menu in the Recording tab. To ensure any filemask results in a unique filename, a character code might be added automatically (A, B, .., AA, AB, ...).
  • Implemented a workaround on capturing Sony SDI clip name metadata which on some cameras changes unexpectedly, interfering with the recording in Live FX.
  • An earlier fix on Cinema DNG- and Photo raw reader was not fully included in the Mac build.
  • When creating a stereo node from 180 side by side media, the created right- and left-eye nodes in the composite should not be flagged as stereo itself.

Nov 11' 22, build 1112

  • Fixes on the Lens Undistort plug-in. Using a UV or ST-map could inadvertently cause a pixilation effect if the map had a different resolution than the plug-in. The direct load function for UV/ST-maps in the plug-in did not support for 32-bit media. In certain cases the plug-in could affect other graphics in the interface to fail.
  • The video format resolution in an ALE header was not always correct when using higher than HD resolution.
  • Fix on USD support for models without animation.
  • Small improvement for chroma interpolation for 10-bit YUV to RGB conversion.
  • Updates on processing Sony SDI metadata. Adjusted the check on the clip-name that is also used to determine the record-state. The first 4 characters of the camera clip-name are now always used as reel-id metadata.
  • Added parameters to the #recname metadata code to make it possible to use a substring of the clip name.

Oct 31 '22, build 1111

  • The USD render plug-in now also processes any animation in the USD model.
  • Fixed a rounding error that could cause a small color shift in RGB to YUV conversion.
  • On macOS also scan the $HOME//Library/Fonts and /System/Library/Fonts/Supplemental folders when building a fonts list.
  • Prevent freezing of the interface or stalling of playback because the selected clip in the node-tree is a single frame or a short clip on top of a live capture node.
  • Fix in Live Looks where applying a previous stored grade on a channel that had an effect from the Effects menu applied could crash the application.
  • Fix on audio playback which could stall when the timeline wrapped with the synchronization set to audio.

Oct 25 ' 22, build 1110

  • Another fix to prevent a potential stall on startup when using a Chinese input method.
  • The Cinema DNG- and Photo camera raw reader did not always use the correct crop and size metadata. Also updated to libRAW 0.20.0.
  • The Plug-in browser would sometimes open without the last used selection.
  • Drag/dropping a clip from the staging area of a (parent) shot as fill/matte/input of a composite did not always use a clip-reference but made a copy of the clip.
Live Assist/Looks
  • Setting an input LUT on a live channel in the setup panel would not show up next time when opening the panel while the LUT was still active.
  • The quick keys for the main tabs at the bottom in Live Looks/Assist did not work anymore.
Live FX
  • The switcher node no longer automatically scales its inputs if the resolution differs. To use clips of different resolutions in the switcher node, you should insert a transformer node to do the scaling.
  • Added the option in the Eq->2D plug-in to also link the xyz position to the virtual camera (tracker). This option comes with a scale option to adjust the meter-offset to a pixel offset in the equirectangular sphere.

Oct 20 '22, build 1109

  • Improved fallback on the ProRes software decoder in case the hardware acceleration fails.
  • The trial watermark version produced flawed LUTs, especially visible in Live Looks when using a LUT box.
  • Fix for a stall that could occur on startup when a Chinese inout method is used on macOS.
  • Updated Canon CRM SDK to version 2.8.
  • Updated ARRI Image SDK to version 7.0.4.
  • Fixed an issue where the license panel would not always show the last activated key(s).
  • HLS Livestream did not properly work with software encoding.
  • In the Eq->2D the roll direction was inverted from the virtual camera.
  • In Live FX in some cases a live link on a fill/matte node with a smaller length than the main node was not updated properly.
  • Make sure a blue frame is rendered in case of an error to ensure it does not pass by unnoticed.

Oct 07 '22, build 1108

  • ARRI Alexa 35 updates. Clip Name and Reel ID metadata were extracted incorrect, which also affected the record trigger for Live Assist and Live FX. Also fixed a potential crash when the Exposure Index was set lower than 160.
  • Fixed an issue where dialing in softness on a layer with the opacity set could lead to the wrong overall opacity used.
  • The Slip, In and Out controls for a fill/matte could have a wrong maximum allowed value set.
  • Generator plug-ins are now instantiated (on a layer) with an explicit in/out range set so that animation of the plug-in controls behave as expected. Also fixed an issue where the controls of effect plug-ins with an animation did not always properly update to show the correct value.
  • The colorspace and eotf lists in the various drop-down controls are now alphabetically sorted.

Sep 30 '22, build 1107

  • Updates on the new Burn-in backdrop function. Improved antialiasing for rounded corners and prevent the margin from extending when the radius of the corners is increased. Fix issue with using the Fit option with right aligned text.
  • Updated the Antilatency tracker SDK to version 3.5.3 in Live FX.
  • When applying a plug-in on a node (rather than on a layer) in Live FX, the player and node-tree did not update correctly.
  • Fix in Live Looks where a cached version of a look could be shown after updating the look and loading it in the split view.
  • The shutter-angle metadata for Sony Raw media was shown in minutes rather than in degrees.
  • The Fill blur did not always properly update when changing the shot Projection Type.
  • Fixed issues with ProRes LT hardware accelerated encoding on M1 CPUs with macOS 13.

Sep 20 '22, build 1106

Live Looks / Assist
  • Added an option to save just the single (active channel) grade rather than always update all channels.
  • Fixed an issue with scanning / finding the IS Mini LUT box.
  • Added the "Show grade in dual view" option to the Grades dropdown in the history panel to view the selected grade in the dual view for easy comparison. You can also drag / drop a grade (proxy) into the right view of the view port when in dual view.
  • Removed the setting for a separate recording-path. Using two paths would interfere with the proper listing of recordings in the history tab and report generation.
  • Fixed an issue with report generation where some proxy images of a report would not be included.
  • The default clip vs grades filter in the history panel was not properly set for a Live Looks license.
  • Drag/drop a grade onto the active channel in the view port did copy the grade but did not create an undo action.
Live FX
  • Support for Antilatency (camera) trackers. In the Live Link you select the Antilatency environment (sensor layout) and tracker (position) placement to use. These can be defined using the Antilatency Service app.
  • The USD reader can also handle *.usdz (compressed) files but the file-filter did not reflect this.
  • Updated the ARRI Image SDK to version 7.0.3. and fixed an issue that could produce invalid values for per frame metadata with ARRI ProRes MXF.
  • Implemented backdrop options in in the Burn-In plugin that allows you to set the backdrop transparency, color, margin and rounded corners.

Sep 12 '22, build 1105

  • Fixed a potential Fail Fast exception on Windows that could occur when closing the software and prevented e.g. an auto restart after activating a license.
  • Updates on ARRI 35 processing - ensuring the correct display position and added Look and Texture metadata items.
  • Updated R3D SDK to version 8.3.1.
  • Update on ProRes RAW where for ACES output an explicit D65 to D60 white point conversion was added when coming from Rec2020.
  • No longer use the standard ACES ODT for the UI and Dual Head color space conversion when it is targeting Extended Dynamic range but rather use the regular matrix conversion to prevent any tone-mapping.
Live FX
  • DMX updates. A DMX fixture is now always tied to the root node of a composition so that the color sampling remains the same when navigating through the composition. This also means that the overlays are only visible when the root node is selected or locked. You can now adjust which switcher node to use with each fixture separately rather than as a global setting for all fixtures. Finally, a fix for a potential fix when setting the repeat mode to a value that could cause a very small sample area.
  • Two fixes for the FreeD tracker live link. The Z-axis tracking could be inverted. Second, the nodal offset from the calibration screen was not properly applies to the selected FreeD tracker. Note that this also means full / proper support for the new Vive Mars camera tracker. Make sure you update the firmware on your Vive Mars to the latest version to include FreeD support.
  • The Layer picking model did not take the Relative option into account, making it hard to select layers in the viewport if the camera was not in its default position.
  • The Scene-Take panel was not updated after recording while the auto-take update option was enabled.
Live Looks
  • Added support for the new AJA Colorbox LUT box. The configuration panel for adding / selecting LUT boxes has been tweaked a bit to create space for the new LUT box option. The AJA Colorbox can capture both an image as well as the camera metadata.
  • The Canon camera metadata tag was not handled properly when saving a grade.
  • Added support for capturing camera metadata with the BoxIO LUT box.

Aug 31 '22, build 1104

  • Various updates and fixes for processing new ARRI 35 media. Updated the SDK to version 7.0.2.
  • Hardware encoding for ProRes 422 LT has been disabled after detecting issues with the M1 Pro/Max CPUs.
  • Fix in Live Assist which could lose its live connections after restarting the application.
  • Inserting a plug-in in the node tree in Live FX did not refresh the node tree correctly.
  • Adding a plug-in on a layer on a shot with the in/out-point set could result in a freeze frame display unless a specific range was set on the plug-in in the fill/matt menu. If a plug-in on a layer does not have a specific media input (and thus implicitly uses the base shot) the slip/in/out options in the Fill/Matte menu are now disabled as they do not have a function - the range of the base node as set in the editor is always used.

Aug 23 '22, build 1103

Live FX
  • Unreal Live Link. Updated to increase throughput of tracker data to Unreal. The UE Live Link plug-in was also updated (v8) to provide more stable timecode. Make sure you use the latest version of the plug-in with this Live FX build. The Unreal Live Links also did not take any live animation options (range / offset / factor) into account that could have been set for the scene camera.
  • Camera Profiles are now stored as system settings rather than per project. To get previously stored profiles with a project available, just open and close the project they were stored in once.
  • DMX update. The color sampling for DMX is now much more efficient to minimize any impact on media playback. Also the size of the sampling area does no longer affect performance.
  • Notch Block processing. Rotations were not always processed in the correct order, resulting is an incorrect roll rotation.
  • H264 was wrongly disabled as recording option in Live FX.
  • The Spout plug-in was only available in Live FX Studio and not in the regular Live FX. The Lens blur plug-in is now available in SCRATCH as well (not just in Live FX). The (Un)distort plug-in was renamed to "Lens (un)distort".
  • Various updates of the (XSLT) reports: When selecting a timeline (with the Basic, Consolidate and Metadata reports), the Duration in the header section is now shown in frames (rather than just in seconds). This is using the timeline framerate. When the report is created for a project, group of clip selection - the Duration is still based on the individual clip framerates and show in seconds, including a fraction. The Review report has been updated to include proper page-breaks so images are not split and is now showing timecodes instead of frame numbers.
  • The "Wrap in Stereo Node" control in the stitch setup panel could be wrongly disabled.

Aug 05 '22, build 1102

  • Timecode of Alexa 35 ARRI RAW was not always read correctly.

Aug 04 '22, build 1101

  • Updated R3D SDK to version 8.3.0.
  • Updated ARRI Image SDK to version 7.0.1.
  • Fixes for ARRIRAW metadata values Camera Model, Lens Focal Length and Lens Focus Distance.
  • When decoding ProRes 4444 MXF files sometimes the alpha channel was ignored.

Jul 15 '22, build 1100

  • ARRI Raw v7 reader updates. The new reader did not yet use the project media defaults. Fix on using ARRI Looks with ProRes.
  • USD Plugin fix for combining the local camera and linked shot camera translation and rotation.

Jul 12 '22, build 1099

  • Initial release: Note that this release requires a re-activation of your license key. All licenses and subscription keys have been automatically updated to include this version. If your permanent license does not have a valid support contract you will not be able to use this version. Please read the full Release notes to see what is new in this version.

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