02. Assimilate Product Suite V9.4 - Download

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02. Assimilate Product Suite V9.4 - Download


  • Read the Release notes for any compatibility issues.
  • Make sure you have the appropriate license to run the new version / build. Contact licensing@assimilateinc.com if you have any questions.
  • Backup all your settings and projects before installing any new version of the Assimilate Product Suite.
  • Un-install any previous version of SCRATCH/Assimilate Product Suite using the Add/Remove Programs option in the Windows Control Panel.
  • Legal notices - the Assimilate Product Suite contains software licensed by third parties. Before installing the software click here to find all information and legal notices.
  • Download the software using the links below.
  • Unzip and run the .msi installer file or installation package for OS X.

Download the latest Assimilate Product Suite build from here:


Jun 24 '22, build 1099

  • Not all per frame metadata items with ARRI and RED were tagged as such and did not properly update.
  • The metadata included in Broadcast Wave output was not formatted correct.
  • Update on the AJA Video IO which should only send HDR metadata if that is enabled for the device in the Video IO configuration.
  • Scanning for LUT boxes over wifi did not always work correctly on Windows.
  • Fix in the Mac installer to prevent getting the "You need to install Rosetta" message on Apple Silicon Macs.
  • Update on the YUV conversion that could with cause issues when rendering certain resolutions.

May 20 '22, build 1098

  • When saving an EDL it could happen that the output file was overwritten by a binary export of the timeline.
  • Updated R3D SDK to version 8.2.2.
  • Added the DCI XYZ color space that includes a white point adaption and the DCI normalization scale (of 48 / 52.37). The white point adaption for DCI XYZ and P3 DCI can be configure with the "DCI white point" Advanced Setting (DCI, D65 or D60), by default the DCI white point is used.
  • Added Leica L-Log EOTF.
  • Editor fix where after switching between versions the in/out point controls where not always properly updated.
  • The Stream Reader did not correctly read RTSP streams.
  • Added the ND Filter metadata when live capturing from an ARRI camera.
  • Fix for audio capture which could still be active when coming from a Live Assist session and then entering SCRATCH, causing the regular clip audio not being played.
  • The Auto record state for recording was not properly restored in subsequent sessions.
  • Pressing the End key while in the multi-line textbox did not move the cursor to the end of the line.

Apr 29 '22, build 1097

  • Fix on AJA Video IO where when capturing 2 channels, channel 2 would get the same audio as channel 1.
  • If a node is not rendered yet, the #rdate should just return the current date rather than the 'yyyymmdd' mask.
  • Added default settings for white balance, kelvin and tint for Canon media.
  • When changing the color space of a nest node through the properties panel in the construct, the Apply mode was always switched off.
  • Opening v9.3 or older projects in v9.4 could result in grades not being visible because the camera settings contained the wrong far plane value.
  • Clicking the Guides on/off on the Display Panel settings was not always working properly.
  • You can now double click the title bar of the various tool panels (e.g. Annotate / Scene-take) to collapse/expand them.
  • In Live Assist, snapshots are now automatically loaded back into the Gallery-References tab.
  • Editor fix where adjusting an out-point was not always correct.

Apr 10 '22, build 1096

  • Updated ProRes RAW SDK for Windows. This version should add back support for the AMD GCN 4 architecture (Radeon RX 580).
  • Fixes in Editor. Changing the vari-speed mode would undo any prior action. Adjusting the vari-speed with the mouse wheel did not always work properly.
  • Still frames loaded through the New Timeline Option panel did not get the default still frame duration set.
  • Using the length parameter with a #code set to 0 (e.g. #note[3,0]) did not pass the full text starting character onward.

Mar 25 '22, build 1095

  • Update on OpenEXR writer to increase performance especially when writing to network storage.
  • Updated the Avid EuCon SDK for Mac to version 2021.6.1.7 with support for Apple Silicon.
  • The record tag in live assist was not properly stored.
  • Updated R3D SDK to version 8.2.1.
  • Updated AJA SDK to version 16.2.0 with support for the Io X3.

Mar 3 '22, build 1094

  • Update on Canon Raw reader. Added support for per-frame metadata. Added "As Shot" option for ISO which uses the ISO settings in the metadata - also when the settings changes per frame.
  • When using a standard ISmini LUT-box, the application would try and capture an image from the device while it does not have that capabilities. This caused issues.
  • The filename of timeline audio was not shown in the editor menu when not explicitly clicking the channel.
  • Updated the ProRes RAW SDK for Windows, with improved compatibility for AMD GPUs.
  • Pdf reports generated on the Mac did not contain any proxy images.
  • Fixed an audio issue with Sony ProRes MXF files.
  • Updated Sony SDK with updates for new camera versions.
  • The Replay function in Live Assist did not show the proper range of the shot being played.

Feb 18 '22, build 1093

  • Fix a potential crash when playing a QuickTime file that contained more than the max audio tracks or channels that are allowed.
  • Creating a new or copying a collector node could contain references to the source shots rather than copies.
  • Update on the Canon Raw reader. Added an [ISO] option and a playback performance improvement, in particular when using a proxy resolution.
  • Fix an issue that prevented adding a plug-in on a the root node when in Source mode.
  • The pdf report function was not working on the Mac when in native Silicon mode.
  • Fix for potential jitter and softness with animated scaling (framing) when using high order filters.
  • Various fixes for the Play Pro Render options. The color space was not correctly set when render was not same as source. The 'To Separate Files' option was not always correctly available. A potential crash when rendering after the player was started from double clicking a file. The file name spec preview was not always correct.

Feb 11 '22, build 1092

  • Slipping a shot in the editor by holding down Shift was not always working properly..
  • Fix on XDCAM decoding which did not always use the correct YUV to RGB matrix .
  • Fix on D10 AES3 audio decoding.
  • JPEG2000 DCI encoding update - always use the default number of wavelet transform levels, given the specific output resolution.
  • Entering the player with a single shot could be interpreted as a live capture node.

Feb 8 '22, build 1091

  • Editor Updates. Allow extra zoom-out to easier adjust last shot in the timeline. Prevent unnecessary scrolling of the timeline.
  • The Razor mode no longer automatically adjusts the play position. When hoovering over shots the when in Razor mode, the proxy overlays in the Viewport show the before and after frames where the cut would be made. The Razor automatically snaps to the play position if snapping is enabled. The Record In and Length controls were not always properly usable in Select and Trim mode.
  • Transitions are now drawn without the glow so the edit is better visible. Improved the display of the timeline elements for higher resolution displays. Added Quick-key Ctrl+J for the Join function, introduced in the previous build.
  • Updated ProRes RAW SDK for Windows which fixes issue with AMD GCN5 architecture GPUs like the Radeon VII and Radeon Rx Vega.
  • Updated R3D SDK to version 8.2.0.
  • Fixed an issue with the pdf report generator where selecting the same report but with a different proxy image position, maintained the same proxy images.
  • XML scripting fix that prevented creating more than 2048 slots in a timeline.
  • When using the "All" option with updating the framing, the rotation should only be included on the rest of the timeline in case of an explicit "Apply", not with any of the Fit options.
  • Do not set the shot out-point (only the slot length) when doing a reverse assemble from an xml.
  • Fix on NDI where the proxy image could be displayed wrong and a wrong YUV format conversion could lead to artifacts.
  • The fix for Live Assist on updating the scene with the increment buttons from the previous build, now also applies when entering the scene directly in the textbox.

Jan 21 '22, build 1090

  • Editor updates. Using the Length control while in Trim mode did not work correct. Added a Join function in the Timeline menu in the Editor to remove an edit and extend the left shot. Note that this function does not yet have a key-shortcut. Fix in audio menu where dragging the waveform to set the slip did not work anymore and you could not properly edit the video track. The move shot up or down a track function with Shift Up/Down keys did not work in trim mode and could crash the software when moving multiple shots at once.
  • When setting an in/out point while in Replay mode in Live Assist, the audio could playback out of sync.
  • The Add All (Video IO) Channels option in the Setup panel of Live Assist did not work.
  • When using the increment/decrement buttons for the Scene will now also update the identifier if it contains an (alphanumeric) shot id. The scene now by default requires 2 digits (was 3). The default is still 3 digits ('001').
  • Fix a freeze of the UI when recording in Live Assist. This could happen when changing the Video IO settings on the fly (e.g. framerate) or when recording while processing was not real-time.
  • The Audio menu in Play Pro was not available anymore in v9.4. Also, when adding audio to a shot on a timeline that did not contain any audio yet could result in the audio only being audible after refreshing the project.
  • The vertices animation channels where not visible anymore even with the corresponding advanced system setting enabled.
  • Adding option in the Media Browser to select the specific checksum type to use (MD5, SHA1 or xxHash64).

Jan 13 '22, build 1089

  • Various Editor updates. The Editor no longer uses the orange outline to indicate the current viewed shot as that caused confusion with the actual selected shot. The control state for the shot and transition when on the last shot in the timeline was not always correct. The (shot) Insert mode did not always behaves correct. Sometimes an slip offset was applied when extending shot. The in/out settings of a shot were still restricted to the media length even with the Clip Media Length preference enabled.
  • In Live Looks toggling the grade on/off for the right view also toggled the grade on a linked LUT box. The LUT box should only follow the left / main UI view.
  • Updated the Canon CRM SDK to version 2.7 with support for new Canon camera formats.
  • Fixed an issue that prevented displaying the Guides on the SDI output.
  • Fix crash in editor when dragging one DNx file on top of another.
  • A new Draw Overlay function-suite for OFX plug-ins was added.

Dec 28 '21, build 1088

  • Various updates on the Editor. When adjusting the position of a shot in Trim-mode, ripple is active. Slipping the media in Time-mode is done by holding down shift. The edit- and insert-modes were not all properly stored as user settings. Moving a shot to a new track followed by an undo would crash the application. Various fixes on editing the media inside a collector node.
  • The TC-display for various controls in Color FX tab are not properly saved in and restored from the user settings.
  • Fixed a potential crash when opening the Curve Editor from the Curve menu.
  • The QuickTime reader could crash over certain audio codecs.
  • The (un)Distort plug-in was now also available in SCRATCH (rather than Live FX only).
  • The hdr-metdata report generator now also creates a pdf-version (next to the html version).
  • Live Assist - fix on handling the clip-name metadata from an ARRI camera SDI capture which could cause recording invalid clips.
  • Update on handling Extended Dynamic Range for the UI and/or Dual Head monitor on Windows. The default output was a little bit too bright. Also, the color scheme is automatically adjusted when the Extended Dynamic Range setting is enabled.

Dec 21 '21, build 1087

  • Initial release: Note that this release requires a re-activation of your license key. All licenses and subscription keys have been automatically updated to include this version. If your permanent license does not have a valid support contract you will not be able to use this version. Please read the full Release notes to see what is new in this version.

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