02. Assimilate Product Suite V9.2 - Download

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02. Assimilate Product Suite V9.2 - Download


  • Read the Release notes for any compatibility issues.
  • Make sure you have the appropriate license to run the new version / build. Contact licensing@assimilateinc.com if you have any questions.
  • Backup all your settings and projects before installing any new version of the Assimilate Product Suite.
  • Un-install any previous version of SCRATCH/Assimilate Product Suite using the Add/Remove Programs option in the Windows Control Panel.
  • Legal notices - the Assimilate Product Suite contains software licensed by third parties. Before installing the software click here to find all information and legal notices.
  • Download the software using the links below.
  • Unzip and run the .msi installer file or installation package for OS X.

Download the latest Assimilate Product Suite build from here:


Oct 16 '20, build 1051

  • Fixed an issue with maintaining the ACES mode for individual shots. The issue was introduced in the previous build. Please note that with this build you need to explicitly set the aces mode of shots again if a shot has a different mode than the project default mode. This fix also resolves a derivative issue with saving a LUT of a grade that includes an ACEScc / cct transform.
  • The Burn-In sometimes had problems finding certain Italic font.
  • Fix an issue with the Qualifier Expand option with the edges of an image.
  • Fix for reading 10-bit monochrome DPX from DIAMANT-Film.
  • SCRATCH did not properly write / load the shot-aspect with a dpx file.
  • Added slot-numbers to file-mask duplicate filename error messages.
  • A new tray Frame-Reference automatically showed in the default project colorspace rather than that of the source shot. Similar, a new created collector node would also be flagged with the default project colorspace. As of this build, the collector will inherit the colorspace of the first input (unless explicitly set). Note that this can change the display of existing collector nodes in your current setup.
  • Set a Keep-alive TCP option for the BoxIO to prevent disconnecting after long time of inactivity.
  • The Audio matching function in the Timeline Load Option did not properly set the sample rate override.
  • Added a Load Timeline option for Play Pro and fixed an issue with the Export Timeline. Note that you can only load a timeline from another Play Pro version - not from SCRATCH as that contains more features than there are available in Play Pro.
  • New Canon CRM SDK version (v2.5 R3).

Sep 25 '20, build 1050

  • Fixed an issue where the aces-mode did not always stick when creating a new version of a shot.
  • Reel-id was limited to 32 characters.
  • Now using the ACES -> P3D65 + PQ conversion at 1000nits, rather than at 100nits.
  • Fixed incorrect GPU debayer for Cineform for Stereo 3D RAW files in top-bottom mode.

Sep 11 '20, build 1049

  • Colorspace management updates. Negative color values were clamped with a colorspace transform. Conversions from / to XYZ did not always incorporate the correct white point. The ACES to ACEScg conversion did a clamp on out of range values. Settings an Aces-mode on a shot without a grade did not persist.
  • Loading / saving xml for scripting did not handle effects nodes correctly and did not include an input-slip.
  • Fixed rendering differences between CineForm GPU debayer and the debayer from the CineForm SDK
  • Fixes and unifies correct flagging colorspace information in QuickTime output (ProRes, DNx, H264/265 and CineForm).
  • Fix on processing ARRI Alexa Mini LF MXF ProRes 2048x1152 footage, which was coming in as 1080x1152.
  • In the Video IO Setup we changed the "Enabled" buttons to "On"/"Off" to make it more clear when a device or channel is enabled or not.

Aug 28 '20, build 1048

  • Updated ProResRAW SDK for the Mac to version 20200805_14184 to be compatible with latest OSX and VideoToolbox versions.
  • Fixed an issue in Live Assist / Live Looks, where moving a channel position could clear the channel properties.

Aug 26 '20, build 1047

  • Fix on rendering QuickTime output to prevent a gamma switch when viewing the movies in the QuickTime player on OSX.
  • New Canon CRMSDK 2.5R2 with support for new EOS R5 camera.
  • New R3D SDK to version 7.3.4. wit tweaks on GPU processing on various devices.
  • Live Assist external audio capture. Live Assist already allowed you to record audio that came with the live video (SDI) input. Now you can also capture external and optionally slip/delay that audio to sync it with the camera video capture. When switching from/to Replay mode, the audio capture is automatically toggled on/off to playback the recorded audio. Note that on macOS 10.14 and newer you need to get microphone permission for the software to be able to record audio.
  • Fix on the A/B over-mode display on SDI / dual head monitor in Live Assist. The over-mode is automatically shown on all monitors that are set to display the current selected view.
  • Publishing clips with timeline-audio to SCRATCH Web could result in out-of-sync audio on playback.
  • The quick key references in the tooltips for the Audio panel and Memories top menu buttons were incorrect. Also both did not show up in Live Assist / Looks.
  • Scene-Take updater panel was not always in sync with actual node metadata: use can update scene/take through metadata panel or by loading audio file with metadata from the Editor.
  • When drag/dropping a plug-in node in the fill or matte proxy control or when dropping it in the viewport - the new fill node did not always show properly.
  • The right view slip was not properly reset when switching the right view from a Reference clip to one of the camera feeds in Live Assist.
  • In Live Assist, the view type of the first SDI device was not properly stored.
  • The record-state metadata of ARRI cameras was not properly processed if the cameras were gen-locked.
  • SetStrea.io was added as a standard option for live streaming. We removed Facebook as default as this was not working properly anymore after they changed their interface.

Aug 7 '20, build 1046

  • Added an option to set the in/out points of background clip in Live Assist/Looks and added 'Cue Up' button to reset backgrounds of all cameras to their starting point with single click.
  • Fix on Assimilate Live Assist / Looks where in certain cases the dual view would only show a videowall rather than the explicit camera view that was set.
  • In replay mode Live Assist now shows the full length of the recorded clips and auto-set a player range to limit playback to the synced portion of all cameras.
  • Various tweaks to process and detect colorspace metadata in H264/H265 QuickTime media.
  • Added the #sintc code to get the timecode of the in-point of the source shot for burn-in or file naming.
  • Markers in an EDL were not always processed correctly in that they could be combined with other EDL content.
  • Update on remote control html interface to get better response when using a touch interface.

July 10 '20, build 1045

  • Fixed a performance issue with H.264 encoding on the CPU for Live Streaming.
  • Added Kelvin, Tint and ISO controls for ProRes RAW.
  • Next to remote controlling the Player you can now also add/edit text annotations with clips through the local web-interface.

July 8 '20, build 1044

  • Fix for handling Canon EOS C300 Mark III.
  • Various tweaks and fixes regarding the Assimilate Live Assist / Live Looks - Instant Review and report functions.

June 29 '20, build 1043

Assimilate Live Assist / Looks updates and fixes
  • Added Perspective controls with the Keyer in Assimilate Live Assist / Looks to adjust the background perspective so it is easier to use the same background in a multi cam setup.
  • Reloading looks in from the history panel did not fully restore the grade with any keyer or effects used missing.
  • Added an option to (vertically) centre the images in a videowall when only having 2 inputs.
  • Dissolves in Assimilate Live Assist / Looks could also show on displays that were assigned a specific input.
  • Switching the view of a specific display device changed it for all channels rather than just the selected channel
  • The Tools menu in Assimilate Live Assist/Looks is now relabelled Production Central to better reflect its (intended future) use.
Assimilate SCRATCH / Play Pro updates and fixes
  • The Vectors grading tool could cause artifacts when inputting negative color values.
  • Generating a report / csv could fail when selecting over a certain number of metadata columns.
  • The default port for the http server is now 8080 because using 80 is not allowed on OSX when the user does not have admin privileges. Also, the panel to manage the webserver now better displays its status / possible issues.
  • The controls with a Matchbox shader effect now show a tooltip if defined in the underlying shader code.
  • OFX (plug-in interface) update where plug-in controls where not always dynamically shown/hidden if required by the plug-in.
  • A wrong matrix was used when converting ACES to a colorspace not covered by a specific (Academy) ODT and as such using a generic ACES-XYZ transform first.
  • Publishing to SCRATCH Web with Chinese (character) titles and names failed.

June 10 '20, build 1042

  • Updated FFMpeg reader to use lib version 4.2.2.
  • Optimized R3D per frame metadata processing.
  • Fixes and tweaks to the http interface which was not fully functional on OSX and did not correctly use an alternative selected port number.
  • Added extra logging about the OpenCL device used to easier diagnose an issue.

June 17 '20, build 1041

  • Added support for per frame metadata from R3D files. To use this function you need to enable the Read Per Frame Metadata advanced system setting.
  • Updated R3D SDK to version 7.3.2 with GPU decode fixes for Komodo clips.
  • Another fix related to using ACES(log) clips in a fade to color transition, which could result in invalid pixel values.
  • The Instant Review function for Live Looks/Assist added in the previous build was not fully functional and could show as unavailable on the remote device.
  • A reset for a Display LUT for a Video IO device was not always stored correctly.

June 10 '20, build 1040

Live Assist / Looks updates and fixes
  • A new Instant Review option that uses the Live Assist / Looks internal http server to (re)view looks and recorded clips from other devices like tablets or mobile phones. You can start the Instant Review option from the Tools menu in the top bar. This will start the internal http server and show the QR code / url to connect to. From the Server tab you can also set it to auto-start every time you start Live Assist/Looks. When you connect from any device to Live Looks you are presented with a list of grades (per scene/take) and you can compare the reference image with/without the grade. When connecting to a Live Assist system the device can also request a list of recordings (per scene/take) and play back the clips (note this is only possible when the Live Assist system is recording in H264).
  • New option to have a (dissolve) transition when switching active channels. Use the Transition option with the channel buttons in the Grade Controller panel to select between a Cut and a Dissolve.
  • Added a new Skin Retouch effect to easily adjust skin tones on the live captured channels. To use the function first select the base skin-tone and adjust the selection with the Gain, Value and other controls. Next use the Smooth and Texture parameters smoothen the skin-tones. Note that this function is also available as Skin Retouch plug-in in regular SCRATCH.
  • Fix on the Grain effect where the option to control gain per channel or overall was not working correctly.
  • Starting Live Looks/Assist with the output path set to a root drive could cause a spinning cursor / crash situation on startup of the project.
SCRATCH / Play Pro updates and fixes
  • The DNx QuickTime reader did interpret the video/full range metadata incorrect.
  • When starting SCRATCH the first time, the new project dialog showed over the setup and intro dialog.
  • When entering the player in Compare mode, the Version stack tab was disabled.
  • Back by popular demand – all ACES IDT transforms are included with the installer as well as adding the ACES bookmark shortcut in the file browser. Note that all ACES core transforms as part of the SCRATCH color management are still done on the GPU.
  • SCRATCH now stores the last export file type (edl/ale) and uses that as default for the next export – saving additional mouse clicks.
  • Updated Chinese translations.
  • The default ACES mode for project now is ACEScct (was ACEScc).
  • There was an unexpected slowdown on OSX when having multiple layers with the same Matchbox plug-in applied.
  • Two fixes related to ACES – one where an ACES (ODT) transform could have rounding errors and show garbage pixels and one where in combination with a dissolve invalid pixel values could be generated.
  • Added a number of hotkeys. Shift + Insert to create a version. Shift + K to toggle Pick on/off in Curves and Vectors. Shift + X to toggle annotation drawing display on/off. Alt + Z to reset the full grade of a shot. Ctrl + up/down arrow in the Construct to jump to previous/next timeline.
  • An adjustment on the Log3G10 conversion as it was slightly different from the RED specifications.
  • The Bypass option with the Vectors was not saved properly and did not transfer in a Remote color session.
  • Added a collapse-option to Remote Setup dialog to easily save screen space in a remote color session.
  • Fixed an issue that was introduced in the previous update that could crash SCRATCH on startup on earlier versions than macOS 10.12.
  • When loading ProRes RAW from Z Cam, the default colorspace is now set to Rec2020 and V-Log.
  • Fix on the (GPU) Stitcher-function where not all resources used were properly freed, slowing down the system substantially.
  • When opening the player with a sub-track of a multi layered timeline and between tracks it could happen that not all changes made on other tracks were properly saved to the database.

May 15 '20, build 1039

  • Updated R3D SDK to version 7.3.1 with some fixes for clips from the upcoming Komodo camera.
  • Added a Scale(%) parameter for Live Looks/Assist overlay text sizes.
  • Fix for anamorphic (Sony) media where the size of a layer could unexpectedly change when working on the shot.
  • The Annotate toggle on the main toolbar now highlights if a shot contains annotations.
  • Added a Show Edge overlay function in Sticher node. This is only functional when not using an explicit blend mode to give an indication of the camera-rig setup.

May 8 '20, build 1038

  • Fixes / tweaks on BMD capture in Live Looks/Assist to handle certain PsF framerate correctly.
  • Dnx recoding in Live Looks/Assist could potentially fail if the project resolution was adjusted. If the project framerate or resolution is changed a new appropriate DNxHD codec is automatically selected.
  • Added Live Streaming out of Live Looks/Assist. From the Live Streaming dialog you can either select to stream out the current selected channel or a videowall of all available channels. The Live Stream option is available from the top toolbar Tools dropdown.
  • Update on ProRes decoding where if the manufacturer metadata says Z CAM the shot is flagged with Z-Gamut and Z-Log.
  • When opening the Tray menu the overlays of layers did no longer show in the viewport.
  • When drag-drop a layer with a plug-in form one shot to another, the resolution of the plug-in was adjusted but not its aspect.
  • In the Load Options dialog an option was added to update the clip's reel-id with its name. This was formerly an option in the Advanced System settings menu. Making it part of the load options makes it more direct available.
  • When using the Create Collector option in the Construct menu without the Replace option was not working properly anymore
  • Added Save CDL/LUT option in Live Looks/Assist Numeric menu

May 2 '20, build 1037

  • Updated R3D SDK to version 7.3.0 with support for Metal GPU decode.
  • Added support for reading and playing back 32-bit float WAVE audio files as well as writing 32-bit float audio with the Bwf-Writer
  • Rotation during a dissolve was not working properly.
  • Added #sres code for displaying source resolution.
  • Added an 'Audio path' option to the Load Timeline template to automatically match audio from a specific location with new footage that is being loaded.
Live Looks / Assist
  • Recoding was limited to ProRes. Now also H264 and DNx are fully implemented, including an Alpha option with ProRes recoding so that any green-screen masks are included.
  • Added a slip-option in the Grade Controller panel of Live Assist for use in the Replay mode. When switching into Replay mode with multiple cameras the cameras are automatically synced (in case the recording did not start on exactly the same timecode). The slip value can also be manually adjusted.
  • Replay shots are now cached for faster response.
  • The Save Grades option now also always exports a LUT file when in CDL mode.
Live Streaming and Remote
  • Added a B-Frames control to Live Stream setup dialog (removing the SConfig setting) so that each live stream option can have its own optimal setting.
  • The Live Stream bitrate setting was not stored properly between sessions.
  • If a plugin custom command (e.g. a burn-in) on the dual-head or SDI output is enabled, then this is now also used for the Live Stream output.
  • Added a #version code for the burn-in to be used in a livestreaming setup - to show the client which version you are currently displaying.
  • The over mode (wipe) now also works for live streaming.
  • In case no GPU H264 hardware encoding is used - the encoding is accelerated by doing the YUV conversion on the GPU.
  • The play position in a Remote session was not following the range and loop modes.

April 10 '20, build 1036

  • Include audio capture and recording for Live Assist and Live Looks.
  • Fixed an issue that could sometimes crash the application when opening the history-grade/recordings panel in Live Looks/Assist.
  • Live streaming updates. Adding metadata burn-in option to the stream could flip the image upside down. The output stream can now show annotation overlays.
  • Added an option to the Scopes to select the scale overlay for the waveform and histogram. Setting the scale to Auto has the original behavior where the color space and EOTF of the shot determine the scale. Alternatively you can set it to a specific scale like e.g. PQ with a nit-level.
  • Updated color space and EOTF mappings for Black Magic RAW.
  • Fix for incorrect timecodes for R3D files where the timecode framerate is different from the video framerate.

March 26 '20, build 1035

  • A fix on Live Stream output from SCRATCH which reduces the total latency of the stream from SCRATCH to server to client in orders of magnitude so that it is a viable option for a remote client-session. Also, added the option in Play Pro to start playback of an rtmp or hls media stream so you can view a stream in a color controlled environment.
  • Fix on Publish function that could corrupt the project database when using timeline audio for the published timeline (rather than per shot audio). Also, notes where not always properly displayed in a SCRATCH Web report.
  • Fix on Canon CRM, where the fallback to CPU decoding was not always properly working if OpenCL decoding is not available.
  • Fix on processing record-state and filename from ARRI camera.
  • Decoding a QuickTime/MP4 with audio could in certain circumstances produce a memory leak.
  • Improved seeking / scrubbing in an FFmpeg decoded clip.
  • The Apply button in the Tray in SCRATCH was wrongly always disabled.
  • Updated Blackmagic RAW SDK to version 1.7.

March 17 '20, build 1034

  • Initial release: Note that this release requires a re-activation of your license key. All licenses and subscription keys have been automatically updated to include this version. If your permanent license does not have a valid support contract you will not be able to use this version. Please read the full Release notes to see what is new in this version.

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