02. SCRATCH V9.0 - Download

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02. SCRATCH V9.0 - Download


  • Read the Release notes for any compatibility issues.
  • Make sure you have the appropriate license to run the new version / build. Contact licensing@assimilateinc.com if you have any questions.
  • Backup all your settings and projects before installing any new version of SCRATCH.
  • Un-install any previous version of SCRATCH using the Add/Remove Programs option in the Windows Control Panel.
  • Legal notices - SCRATCH contains software licensed by third parties. Before installing SCRATCH click here to find all information and legal notices.
  • Download the software using the links below.
  • Unzip and run the .msi installer file or installation package for OS X.

Download the latest SCRATCH Build from here:


Apr 8 '19, build 1007

  • Apple ProRes RAW support.
  • Update on the BlackMagic Raw reader with more options to control gamut and gamma.
  • Fix for DNG reader to handle certain crop sizes for Hasselbad DNG.
  • Added playlist (*.splsx) support for OSX and also make sure the newly loaded playlist timeline is selected on startup.
  • Batch updating the timecode of clips in the media browser did not always work correct and did not properly take into account that clips could have different framerates.
  • Added support for PTGui stitch templates in json format.
  • De-construct Unique option was not always working correct.
  • The Tint metadata was not correctly applied when decoding Sony RAW on the CPU.

Mrt 17 '19, build 1005

  • The Assembler could crash over missing file-references in an aaf file.
  • EXR images could be flipped depending on the scan line order of the file.
  • The #group and #construct codes could return the wrong names.
  • Small fix op OFX interface where certain plug-ins would not properly work from overlay changes.
  • Render fix - certain custom resolution scaling in combination with a linear filter made the alpha channel all opaque.
  • Changed color of notes for missing effects from the aaf assemble (green to pink) to not conflict with color coding in most review workflows.
  • Added the option to start SCRATCH with a playlist file with extension '.splx'. The file is regular xml but with a special file extension this can be tied to scratch in the operating system. For now this is on Windows only.
  • Updates for custom command xml to include slot position and length to.

Feb 22 '19, build 1004

  • Fix on HEVC dual pass encoding that could crash the application.
  • Fix on animation of vertices that could act odd when imported from an external source and updated in the animation editor.
  • Fix on HDR MaxFALL statistics calculation.
  • Update on AAF processing of AVID sub-clips where not all metadata from the sub-clips was imported. Also, any CDL info in the AAF is now used and applied on the shot.
  • The 360 framing controls were not available in all Toolsets (Play Pro).

Feb 1 '19, build 1003

  • Update on bad-pixel detection in 12-bit Phantom camera files.
  • Added all the ACES version 1.1 transforms.
  • Update of the SonyRaw decoder with enhancements for 6K media from the Venice camera.
  • Update of the CanonRaw decoder with some performance improvements.
  • Update H264 reader which fixes a crash with some specific clips we encountered.
  • Fix on reading Audio wave files where incorrect metadata in the clip could crash the application.
  • The #construct and #group codes could sometimes produce wrong values after renaming or using an output template.
  • Added a parameter to #spath code: a parameter value of '0' strips the media folder and drive letter from the path (default behavior), a value of '1' shows the full path.
  • Added a ‘result’-attribute to the post-render xml to indicate if a render was successful of failed. Note that before when a render failed, any post-render command was not executed. In this build the post render command is fired and the post-render-xml will contain ok/fail in the result-attribute of the render-node.
  • Added User Preference for Collectors created in the construct to get resolution of the first input (rather than resolution of the timeline). The framing of the first input is transferred to the collector and all framing on the inputs is removed.
  • Dragging clips to create a video-wall with the Wrap function in the Construct sometimes used the timeline selection rather than the shots being dragged.
  • New Advanced system setting to replace '-' with '_' for scene metadata read from audio files.
  • When deleting a clip on the timeline with the DELETE Key the button state was not update.
  • Auto-select all text when clicking the network path-filter of the file browser.

Jan 11 '19, build 1002

  • Fix on ARRI Raw files with a specific resolution and aspect were loaded incorrect (2868x2152 4:3).
  • Adding an output template with the same name as an existing one could did not always overwrite the existing and could end up having the same name twice in the template list.
  • Fix on rendering DNxHR MXF, where sometimes a wrong image aspect was included for sizes that are not 16:9.
  • Included encoding information in the post-render xml which can be used by the post-render script.
  • Adjusted the control gearing for the Height/Width numeric controls in the Media menu in the player.

Dec 24 '18, build 1001

  • Various format fixes. The internal dimensions of an EXR file were not always read correctly. Certain DJI DNG files could not be loaded because of invalid vertical crop value. AVCHD sometimes produced error if the LPCM audio was slightly shorter (milliseconds) than the video.
  • Fix on an issue with the Search-dialog that was introduced when adding the extra note-colors in the previous build and caused the search to respond incorrect.
  • Added an sconfig-setting to scale nest nodes created in the Construct (Utility menu) to the timeline resolution. By default nest nodes are created with the same resolution as its input. Note that if the source node contains framing when being nested, the nest node's resolution is not adjusted and the framing is copied over to the nest node.
  • For support of various VFX workflows, we added the option to select a part of a note using the #note and #snote codes. With a third parameter you can add the color index to select a specific note. The #note and #snote are now also available for file naming.
  • Update the timecode of shots in a reverse-assemble with the source-timecode from the EDL. Also always update the reel-id.
  • When using the Trim-buffer for copying the grade from another shot in the timeline, animations are not included anymore in the copy.
  • When using the Import function, always revert to the 'All Formats' file filter.
  • The precision of the audio slip control in the Editor is adjusted so that when the Slip is set to Frames (rather than milliseconds), you can still slip in sub-frames / decimal accuracy.

Nov 30 '18, build 1000(!)

  • Various fixes related to Matchbox plug-ins. Ignoring reference files when scanning for plug-ins. In certain cases the parameters of the shaders where not properly scanned.
  • New version of the S2Nuke script. Please follow the instructions in this article to setup/update the script files on your system.
  • Added extra button to license dialog to register for trial license
  • Fixed a bug where deleting a layer and then entering / exiting the animation editor could crash the application.
  • The Font selection dialog now checks for keyboard input to quick jump to a specific font.
  • Fix on Custom Controls which could crash scratch when creating a new node and then creating a new Timeline.
  • The post-render xml now includes all available metadata of the source shots.
  • Fix on issue where adding a default-note while the shot already contained notes, could end in the new note getting the wrong text.
  • Fix on Quick Keys: Shift+F8 and F2 to open the Editor in the Player were not working anymore.
  • SCRATCH v9.0 - build 1000! Even though this is 'just' an update release (rather than a version update) we did want to mark this as a little bit special. So we added a little v9.1 gadget back into this version: A Sync Player function to link and sync multiple SCRATCH players within a network. The function is available from the Collaborate (top)menu in the Player. Those few that we showed the feature already have come up with some interesting and creative applications for it!

Nov 11 '18, build 999

  • Added support for reading CODEX .arx compressed ARRIRAW files.
  • Black Magic Raw reel-id was not properly read from the metadata.
  • New versions of the s2nuke and s2ae (AfterEffects) script. The s2nuke scripts are now Python 2 and 3 compatible. The new s2ae script solves an issue with naming of the renders from AfterEffects and loading them back into SCRATCH. The s2nuke update includes passing of notes, maintaining color-space and better default node layout in Nuke. Please follow the installation guides to update the Nuke and AfterEffects scripts.
  • The Structure view did not always show mattes in the tree when it should.
  • Fix for displaying certain Matchbox UI controls.
  • Opening up the PanZoom tool could under certain conditions hang Scratch.
  • Fixes on caching. Cache rendering could be problematic for a second render if the first render did not completely finished. Also, caching certain OFX plugins (e.g. Neat Video) for certain media formats could cause errors. The state of the Cache/Process buttons in Media menu was not always accurate when switching range on/off.
  • Fix on (post-render) custom commands where the xml file was not created and passed on to the script anymore.
  • Added all source-shot metadata and notes to the xml output of a post-render command.

Oct 23 '18, build 998

  • More robust shot-recursion detection for event viewer, which could crash the application when opening a project with missing elements.
  • Quick keys for Custom Commands (Ctrl F2-F8) and Default Notes (Shift + F1 - F8) now also available in the Construct.
  • Stereo mode in Player-Setting-Monitor was not available in Play Pro.
  • Exiting the stabilizer not always re-enabled the selected layer.
  • In the Editor - when switching to the Audio menu, SCRATCH also auto switched to the first video track, even when in the player with a (derived) output node.
  • The Vimeo login procedure was not working properly anymore.
  • Executing an undo during metadata edit could crash the application.
  • Updated the ARRIRAW SDK to version and the RED SDK to version 7.0.8. Both contain minor - non SCRATCH essential - tweaks for internal processing.
  • The Crop option in the Guides is now off by default.

Oct 12 '18, build 997

  • Added support for Blackmagic RAW.
  • ProRes QuickTime that contained both 4:2:2 and 4:4:4 frames was not decoding correctly.
  • Fit Slot not working correctly inside the Editor.
  • Updated Beamr HEVC SDK to version
  • Fixed an issue ARRIRAW where pre-fetching could cause a crash
  • Canvas softness sometimes went in the wrong direction / got stuck.
  • The Cubic Packed -> Equirectangular transform in the VR Transformer plugin could introduce seams
  • The Link button in the Canvas menu could disappear when switching a layer back and forth between bicubic and other shapes.
  • Fixed an issue that could under certain circumstances crash scratch when loading a project where missing elements (LUTs / inputs) were detected.
  • Fix on applying framing on stereo node with the Stereo Link option enabled.

Oct 1 '18, build 996

  • Various format updates. Reading correct timecode for Cineform for high framerate. Canon Raw tweaks for using proxy resolutions. Added support for Kinefinity JPEG-compressed DNG's. Also, the DNG reader now uses any 'crop' EXIF tags to compile image.
  • Added option to directly output an HLS stream (.m3u8) out of SCRATCH from the Live Stream function in the Player.
  • Layer stack was always active when entering the player, even if in the last session it was closed.
  • Using mouse wheel in combination with shift key on numeric controls now uses smaller increments to set value.
  • Fix on possible issue with EDL conform containing more than 1k events.
  • Added #eventlen as option to use in metadata update in the media browser.
  • Fix on Canvas/Mask softness that under certain conditions could get stuck.
  • SCRATCH could report an error when rendering a plug-in inside the output tree (even if the render would be correct).
  • A startup logo larger than 2048x1280 was not displayed correctly on the SDI output.

Sep 10 '18, build 995

  • Added an Advanced System setting to NOT reset the path of output nodes that are created from a template.
  • Various updates for processing (Final Cut) XML for conform, incl. support for framing and re-timer animation.
  • Added an option to include alpha in a ProRes 4444(XQ) render from Play Pro. Also - after rendering from Play Pro the project could start to report 'missing inputs' on startup unless you explicitly cleared the render queue.
  • Added the 'ccc' file extension for loading CDL files - although SCRATCH only uses the first CDL in the file. Also, when (batch) loading/matching in the media browser, SCRATCH now adds a metadata item 'CDL Match' with the cdl filename to be able to check if all files were matched properly.
  • When inside the player with the main or derived output node, the 'Esc' key now returns to the Render tab rather than the Construct.
  • On OSX, the minimize option with Custom Commands did not work properly.
  • Partially reverted the increased sensitivity of the softness control from the previous build.
  • The subtitles load format filter now always default to All Formats, even if a specific format is already loaded.
  • The ZCam File Browser delete function was broken.
  • Fixed an issue with (H264) Dual Pass render that was introduced in a recent build.

Aug 17 ' 18, build 994

  • The media re-link function did not working correctly for still frames.
  • Saving snapshots to the project folder (user setting) did not work properly.
  • The Publisher did not correctly use the selected (derived) output node but rather used the main output node.
  • Since a few builds, the Qualifier menu did sometimes show up incorrect.
  • Adjust sensitivity of numeric timecode controls for plug-ins, like subtitle-slip in the BurnIn.
  • HDR Metadata controls were not showing correctly on the Render menu. Also, the HDR analysis report did not process correct in SCRATCH Play Pro.
  • Use sub-folder name for grouping Matchbox shaders in the plugin browser.

Aug 14 '18, build 993

  • Reading (LTC) timecode from audio file from multi-channel audio files was not always correct.
  • Changing the Matchbox shader plug-in path to a non-default path was not possible.
  • Adjusted the control gearing on Softness control to make it less sensitive.

Aug 9 '18, build 992

  • Added function to read (LTC) timecode from an audio track. The function is available in the Media Browser Base-tab as well as can be part of the Match Audio functions in the Audio-tab.
  • Added the option to load Matchbox (shader) plug-ins in SCRATCH. Matchbox plug-ins can be downloaded from: https://logik-matchbook.org/ You can install them in the default or a custom folder which you can set from the System Settings in SCRATCH.
  • Added option to publish directly to H265. Note that by default this is always 8 bit as that is the max most web-enabled devices can handle. Please note that for H265, SCRATCH will always re-encode media and not like it does with H264 where SCRATCH checks if the source media can be used without re-encoding.
  • Fix on H265 encoder - when encoding multiple files in one run some file could end up having faulty frame tables and could not be played back properly.
  • We replaced the "Disable 'deep' color" with the "Enable 'deep' color" Advanced System Setting (on Windows). Recent NVIDIA drivers for Quadro cards could trigger a kernel exception on Windows 10 with the deep color enabled and it appeared that NVIDIA is not able to provide a solution soon. So rather than enabling the setting by default you now have to explicitly enable / try it!
  • Added an extra check for systems with both Intel ad NVIDIA graphics where the wrong OpenCL platform could be selected by default which prevented SCRATCH to start properly.
  • Update on Sony Raw decoder where Scratch now uses the kelvin/tint transformation method from Sony's SDK rather than its own implementation. Please note that the different implementations lead to different results. Nodes in existing projects will continue to use the old method until any of the node-settings are changed. When changed - the new method will be used which might result in a color-jump.
  • Fix on Custom Commands where on OSX any result xml from the script was not properly processed by SCRATCH.
  • The Ctrl+Home quick-key for fitting the image in the Viewport did not work while in the Editor.
  • Instantiating generator plug-ins from the Plug-in Browser could give wrong results and zero-length nodes. Also, instantiating plug-ins in ColorFX while in the Input menu could also lead to wrong results.
  • The player Navigation type could automatically switch when selecting a shot in the version stack.

Aug 1 '18, build 991

  • Various updates for hardware decoding H265 which now also works correctly on AMD cards.
  • Added support for HEVC MXF files.
  • Various tweaks for dissolves / fades in XML conform files from FCP / Premiere.
  • SCRATCH could get unresponsive when using the 'Best' quality setting for the HEVC encoder.
  • When selecting a generator plug-in in the Browser with 'On Node', SCRATCH now starts a drag instead of replacing the current node.
  • The Render/Cache controls in Media menu are now also available in the CDL/Dailies toolset.
  • R3D media coming in with IPP2 could have an invalid color space flag set.
  • The name-check when saving an output template was not done correct and could overwrite an existing template without asking.
  • The XML-export type for custom commands was not saved/loaded correct when set to Timeline.
  • The most recent Search parameters were not stored correctly in the user-settings.

July 24 '18, 990

  • Hotfix on yesterday's build that introduced an issue with H264 decoding. The current build reverts that update, which intended to solve an issue with hardware decoding on certain AMD cards.

July 23 '18, build 989

  • Fix on event-log that could crash SCRATCH when entering a project.
  • Extra check on invalid UTF-8 camera metadata that could create issues when rendering to DNx.
  • Fix on UI display of the layer stack when using custom ppi settings.
  • Update on hardware H265 decoder for NVIDIA.

July 20 '18, build 988

  • H265 Hardware decoding on NVIDIA and AMD.
  • QuickTime new correctly reads H265 Video/Full Range setting.
  • File Browser now allow for multi-select files using control- and shift-keys
  • Added startup checks on OpenCL presence and whether the correct SDI driver is used.
  • Fixed an issue on the Event log that could crash the application.
  • Use Delete key to directly delete selected shots in the Construct.
  • No need to reset the RGB channel mask when applying a new mask on an existing layer.
  • When creating a new user - the control-gear settings were taken from the previous selected profile and not reset to the defaults.
  • Added color balls for CDL grading and a switch to toggle between sliders and color balls.

July 4 '18, build 987

  • The Report generator did not create all proxies if scope was set to group or project.
  • When starting a note in the metadata stack in the Player, the text position reset to the beginning after typing the first character.
  • Softness-vertices keyframes were not always properly cleared on reset.
  • When fetching a shot Input from the Construct the menu bar was not properly restored.
  • Remember the last change on the canvas Link(-vertices) setting similar like the 2-sided softness option.
  • Changed track selector labels from 'T#' to 'V#'.
  • Set minimum OS version for the Mac installer to 10.9.

June 26 '18, build 986

  • DNx MXF file from RED camera could cause a crash and the audio was not get read properly.
  • Update of the Sony Raw reader to support new variants of the XOCN Venice camera output.
  • Ctrl + A/D to (de)select all keyframes in the Animation editor did notwork while the Layer stack was active.

June 22 '18, build 985

  • Fixed issue with metadata used in a filemask of derived output nodes, which could have unpredictable results and end up in files rendered to one and the same file rather than separate files.
  • Fixed an issue with Cube LUTs which in certain circumstances was cached incorrect resulting in an all-white image when refreshing the project.
  • Fixed an issue with batch export of CDL variant .cc files from the Media Browser.
  • Custom Commands updates. Executing Python (.py) script on OSX did not work on the previous build. Further, various update on the SCRATCH-Nuke script. The script now checks if Nuke is running and if not will start it. The script now maintains the file format of the input for the render. The default render folder is now "s2n" in the (scratch project) media folder and is by default limited to the frame range of the input. Adjusted the default file mask and remove any version numbers in the source shot name for the render output. The script now tries to apply the same colorspace in Nuke as the source shot in SCRATCH.
  • Updated Chines translations.
  • Fix: the Burn-In subtitle-slip was reset when entering player with Burn-In from the Render tab.
  • Fix: layer re-naming was not always working with Panel
  • Various tweaks and fixes on last builds Quick Key update. Also, an update on Full-screen mode: the toolbar button and the Tab quick keys now respond the same. Layer and ode stack are also hidden in full screen mode and playback does no longer start automatically. Aligning SCRATCH and SCRATCH Play Pro regarding start/stop playback. Now both Enter and spacebar can be used, while space bar continues to be used for panning as well.
  • Removed the need to explicitly increase the graphics buffers sizes used by SCRATCH in the Advanced settings (e.g. for 8k r3d media). SCRATCH now adjusts the sizes dynamically.

June 14 '18, build 984

UI and Quick Key updates
  • Added an "Off" option to the Swipe Sensitivity User Setting. This replaces the separate No Swipe settings in the Construct / Player.
  • To quickly exit the Trays, Player Settings or Animate and return to Edit or ColorFX you can now just click the (already selected) tab once more.
  • Full screen mode no longer leaves the left/right swipe panels visible as well as does no longer automatically start playback. Exiting full screen mode restores the original view.
  • Quite a few Quick Key re-mappings to align them with more general accepted mappings and including various new mappings. Please have a look at the full Quick Key mappings by pressing Quick Key 'h' inside SCRATCH.
  • Among the new hotkeys are e.g.:
    • hotkey to create new layer (Insert in ColorFX)).
    • hotkey to increase/decrease playback speed (Ctrl Up/Down arrow)).
    • hotkey to switch between right/left/master in stereo tool (Shift + R/L/M).
    • hotkey for GoTo-Timecode (Shift + G).
Scripting & Custom Commands
  • Added a new SCRATCH To Nuke Custom Command. Please read the help page from the link in the Custom Command panel when you add the new Command.
  • Update on the SCRATCH 2 AfterEffects Custom Command which was not functional on OSX. Please note that you also need to update the s2ae_ui.jsx script that you added to the AfterEffects installation folder.
  • The renders from Nuke or AfterEffects now use a single project Tray to load in. The renders are now also automatically loaded when you are in the Construct (previously this was only done when in the Player). The Tray button will show highlighted when a new render is loaded.
  • Various fixes on generic Custom Commands for OSX: running Python scripts directly, properly select an .app bundle to run the application as Custom Command.
  • The XML export for selected shots now takes the slot-length into account to have proper in-out points (since the selection-xml does not contain slot information you first needed to do a fit in/out to get the handles correct in the xml export).
VR Updates
  • 360 panning was not always working on plug-ins or on (derived) output nodes, even if they were flagged as equirectangular.
  • Yaw, pitch, roll controls in the Setup menu now also work for equirectangular 180 (stereo).
  • Added stabilizing for equirectangular 180 media.
  • Added a new "Eq Camera" plug-in to change the (spherical) view position of an equirectangular media.
Formats & Metadata
  • Added two standard output templates with the installer that show in the Templates dropdown in the Render tab. The templates show with an '*' to distinguish them from user created templates.
  • Updated Canon Raw SDK to version 2.2 which contains a few minor fixes on the previous version.
  • Using metadata #md items in the file-mask of an output node, could result in long delays when SCRATCH would check if file in the render would be unique.
  • Fix on incorrect timecodes for QuickTime files with an edit-list in the timecode track.
  • Relink media was not always working properly for the first shot on a Timeline.
  • After File-size was (re-)calculated, the results were not always showing directly in the metadata tab of the Media Browser.
  • De-seleting metadata columns in the Report generator was not working correctly.
  • The default match source for AAF/XML is now Fom Folder instead of Project. For new users this is a more familiar method.
  • The filmstrip notes were not showing proper characters with Hebrew font.
  • Include all notes as comments in an EDL export (rather than just the first).
  • When deleting a plugin from the structure view, the menu was not updated.

May 31 '18, build 983

  • Adjusted QuickTime metadata for output with a single mono audio channel to be compatible with older H264 readers, like Pix.
  • Applying the trim-buffer added layers, rather than overwriting the full grade and existing layers.

May 30 '18, build 982

  • Initial (pre)release: Note that this release requires a re-activation of your license key. Also note that as this is a pre-release; not all documentation and user guides has been updated yet. All licenses and subscription keys have been automatically updated to include this version. If your permanent license does not have a valid support contract you will not be able to use this version. Please read the full Release notes to see what is new in this version.

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