02. SCRATCH V9.1 - Download

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02. SCRATCH V9.1 - Download


  • Read the Release notes for any compatibility issues.
  • Make sure you have the appropriate license to run the new version / build. Contact licensing@assimilateinc.com if you have any questions.
  • Backup all your settings and projects before installing any new version of SCRATCH.
  • Un-install any previous version of SCRATCH using the Add/Remove Programs option in the Windows Control Panel.
  • Legal notices - SCRATCH contains software licensed by third parties. Before installing SCRATCH click here to find all information and legal notices.
  • Download the software using the links below.
  • Unzip and run the .msi installer file or installation package for OS X.

Download the latest SCRATCH Build from here:


Oct 8 '19, build 1027

  • Fix on reading the timecode from Canon CRM media.
  • CSV report output updates. Added record timecode as standard column when the selected report-scope is a timeline. Also, when metadata contained a comma, this would disrupt the layout of the csv file.
  • The additional command line parameters for custom command were not always properly saved.
  • Adjust the size of the number on the memory trays to less obscure the image.
  • Sorting clips int he metadata tab of the media browser could take an unusual long time.
  • The default 'group' panel-mapping could have an incorrect value and differ from the one displayed in the mapping dialog.
  • When doing a timeline-sort, the current slot is now maintained.
  • Fixed a possible issue when entering scene/take values were you could end up with two scene or take metadata items for a single node.
  • Updated Codex HDE SDK to version 3.1.6, which fixes an issue with reading ARX files created with Codex Production Suite 4.7.2 that are incorrectly identified as ‘invalid’.
  • Fixed a possible issue with R3D CUDA processing with older clips that still use CPU decoding.
  • Fixed an issue that could cause produce corrupt images when rendering on the Mac.
  • Update on reading multi-part OpenEXR media. Note that we are still working on further improving efficiency on handling multi-part files. Regular OpenEXR media is not affected.

Sep 13 '19, build 1026

  • In version 9.1, grades did not always correctly process when using ACES Log (cc/cct). Note that v9.1 processing might still differ from v9.0 if you used a different ACES (Log) setting for individual shots than the project default.
  • Gallery items did not always display correctly due to a wrong color space conversion.
  • Extended the playlist functionality so you can auto-start playback of a playlist. Add [auto_play="y"] to root scratch-tag of the playlist-xml. Furthermore, you can add [clear="y"] to the construct / timeline tag in the playlist-xml to re-use the same playlist again, without doubling the clips in your timeline.
  • Menu highlighting in ColorFX did not work anymore for the traditional 6-Vector menu. Also, when using the new re-mapper, the panel mappings for the original 6-Vectors were still active. This could cause unwanted grade adjustments.
  • The load (to new timeline) option applied the wrong framing if the source shot resolution matched that of the timeline.
  • The position-parameter for report proxy images was not stored in the user settings.
  • The Sony RAW decode can go up to 8k (scaled mode) but the clip (custom) target resolution was limited to 4k.

Sep 6 '19, build 1025

  • Clips that did not have colorspace information in the metadata were not always displayed correctly after re-loading a project.
  • Creating a LUT from a shot that included a layer with a plug-in was not always correct.
  • AJA updates. UHD2 output with the Kona 5 12G was not working correctly. Also, dual stream output did not have a proper image on the 2nd stream. Sometimes the timecode did not output on the correct SDI connector.
  • Certain HEVC clips could show decoding artifacts when seeking in / scrubbing through the clip.
  • Updated ARRI RAW SDK to latest version (

Aug 29 '19, build 1024

  • Fixed a potential crash with R3D decoding using CUDA (with NVIDIA Kepler generation cards on Windows or Pascal generation with OSX).
  • Fixed a potential crash when encoding or decoding ProRes 422 on a Mac with Intel UHD 630 graphics.
  • Fixed an issue that was introduced in build 1021 where the last character of the name/value metadata pairs of Open EXR media were stripped off.
  • Default channel mappings for multi-channel Open EXR were not always correct.
  • Reverting a timeline to its original sort order did not always work correct if slots were added.

Aug 20 '19, build 1023

  • Audio from XAVC MXF was not read correctly when the last track was a data track.
  • Updated Blackmagic RAW SDK to version 1.4 with support for the new BMPCC 6K camera.
  • Fixes a potential crash when adding softness to a canvas.
  • Updated the AJA SDK to version 15.2.2. with support for 8K output with Kona 5 12G.
  • Snapshots from anamorphic footage could have the aspect scaling applied twice.
  • When holding the 'h' quick-key the help screen could disappear automatically again after showing.

Aug 8 '19, build 1022

  • Fixed and issue where the new Vectors tool could produce black pixels when using an AMD graphics card.
  • Fixed a potential crash when working on clip metadata in the media browser.
  • Fixed a potential crash when working in projects that contain many ProRes and ProRes RAW files.

Aug 2 ' 19, build 1021

  • XAVC updates. When viewing the audio waveform, system memory could fill up. Bad performance when including audio playback.
  • OpenEXR updates. SCRATCH now read/writes pixels aspect metadata of OpenEXR format. Also, SCRATCH could crash on (multi-part) OpenEXR files that contained large blocks of metadata. (note that SCRATCH currently only reads the first part of multi-part EXR - extending this is a work-in-progress).
  • Fix on potential audio drop-outs with certain QuickTime files that contained audio channels spread over multiple tracks.

July 22 '19, build 1020

  • Update on SCRATCH 2 After Effects bridge where the round-trip function was not fully functional on OSX. Be sure to setup the custom commands again or to select Reset with the S2AE Custom Command in the System Settings panel.
  • Added a new HLG transfer function. The existing "HLG" EOTF was relabeled "HLG Scene". The new "HLG" transfer function is a so called display-referred transfer curve. See for more information http://downloads.bbc.co.uk/rd/pubs/papers/HDR/BBC_HDRTV_FAQ.pdf.
  • The CineformEncoder was not properly installed on the Windows version
  • You could not drag a canvas when in the Curves or Vectors menu (and not in Pick-mode).
  • Fixed a crash with the stitch node that could occur when the template specified a different number of inputs than actually present. Also, SCRATCH cold crash when rendering the stitch output to ProRes.

July 1 '19, build 1019

  • New Sony Raw SDK (3.3.0) with support for various new X-OCN format variants: e.g. 4K/6K 2.39:1 and 5.7K 16:9, XT for all VENICE/CineAltaV.
  • Included a new version of SCRATCH-2-After Effects bridge that properly loads back file sequence renders into SCRATCH (where before it required a container format like QuickTime). Make sure you re-install the custom commands or select the Reset button with the After Effects Custom Command tab in the System Settings dialog.
  • Fixed an issue where an Undo-action could inadvertently change the EOTF setting (in the Media menu) of a clip (if that setting differed from the settings in the node-menu).
  • Fixed an issue where a custom splash-screen would not show properly if the source was a 10-bit dpx.
  • The Open Color IO (OCIO) plug-in produced a blue frame when it was unable to detect a configuration file. Note that to use this plug-in you need point it to an already installed OCIO configuration. This can be a setup that came with other (third party) software or a configuration that you setup yourself. Potentially you have to explicitly set the path to the config.ocio file through the advanced system settings. There are various setups available online: https://github.com/imageworks/OpenColorIO-Configs.

June 24 '19, build 1018

  • Initial release: Note that this release requires a re-activation of your license key. All licenses and subscription keys have been automatically updated to include this version. If your permanent license does not have a valid support contract you will not be able to use this version. Please read the full Release notes to see what is new in this version.

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