02. SCRATCH V8.6 + SCRATCH VR - Download

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02. SCRATCH V8.6 + SCRATCH VR - Download


April 26 '18, build 970

  • The 'audio match and sync' function in SCRATCH to calculate the audio slip could be a few frames off because of its sensitivity on a clip's (non-integer) framerate. For certain media the fps was not recorded with a sufficient number of decimals (23.976 vs 23.9760239760).
  • The audio bitrate setting for h264 encoding was not working properly.

March 9 '18, build 969

  • Limiting size of metadata column names to 32 characters for DNx export as other software has issues with reading longer names.
  • Updated the format of CDL metadata in an EDL/ALE as other software was unable to parse the data.
  • Updated ARRIRAW SDK to version containing various bug fixes for processing images of certain sizes, LogC_Film color-space and ALEXA LF footage.

Feb 9 '18, build 968

  • Masks were not always working correct on certain AMD GPUs on Windows.
  • Updated the ARRI RAW SDK to version with support for Alexa LF.
  • Updated the RED SDK to version 7.0.6. that contains various bug fixes from the prior version.
  • Fix on the timecode attribute in EXR renders which was not read correctly by other software.

Feb 1 '18, build 967

  • Update Sony Raw handling to support the new Sony Venice CineAlta camera.
  • Fix on rendering DNxHR 444 which contained wrong format metadata that could prevent it from loading in other software.
  • Fix on the track-ripple mode in the Editor. The ripple mode only affected shots after the main timeline shot that was adjusted but should also affect shots that are on the same position as the timeline shot.
  • In some cases the wrong EDID was read to determine physical size of a display (e.g. with a VR headset) - causing a wrong DPI setting for the UI.
  • When applying a plug-in on a version shot the shot selection could change inadvertently.
  • Fix on AAF parsing where the in-point of a composition node with a vari-speed inside it could be set to the wrong value.

Dec 11 '17, build 966

  • SCRATCH now uses CUDA for ARRI Raw SDK debayers on Windows when possible because of the better performance compared to OpenCL.
  • An issue was introduced two builds ago where all dissolves of an EDL were conformed to color fades (rather than just the first dissolve of a timeline).

Nov 23 '17, build 965

  • New RED SDK version 7.0.5. Adds DCI-P3 and ProPhoto color spaces and improved 8k support. Note that IPP2 is not yet supported. Rocket-X driver and firmware or later. Rocket driver and firmware or later.
  • ARRI monochrome files were showing incorrectly since the last SDK update.
  • Custom Command based on system-events where not displayed correct in the system settings dialog and could en up referencing the wrong system-event.
  • Scratch was unable and could hang on loading certain 12-bit DPX file.
  • Publishing media to SCRATCH Web could introduce audio synchronization issues when the (fractional)framerate of the timeline was entered manually rather than selecting from the dropdown list.
  • SCRATCH now by default sets the internal color space flag of a created QuickTime file to 'rec709' - as opposed to setting it to 'unknown' if there was no suitable translation from the SCRATCH color space to the available QuickTime standard format (such as e.g. for sRGB). The 'unknown' setting caused some other software to apply a unspecified color matrix conversion.
  • Various AAF processing updates. The Assembler dialog did not always list the proper event numbers. Framing (animations) from AAF files created from Adobe Premiere where not properly included as well as certain source timecodes. In some cases an explicit outpoint was set for vari-speed shots which could produce a freeze frame.

Nov 3 '17, build 964

  • DNx render with audio included the wrong audio channel index number and could include the wrong audio channel name name in the filename and the DNx metadata.
  • The #audiofile[c] metadata code was not using the index-parameter correctly. Also added a new #chname[c] metadata code to retrieve the audio channel name.
  • Added support for certain 10-bit monochrome DPX files which specify the wrong packing method.
  • The Re-timer showed the first frame twice when instantiated from the Edit menu.

Oct 20 '17, build 962

  • The previous build introduced an issue where the controls of an output node could be positioned incorrectly.

Oct 16 '17, build 961

  • The DNx render node replaced spaces in the metadata column header with an underscore when adding the metadata to the MXF output file.
  • The extended metadata column names In an ALE export could conflict with the standard ALE columns and introduce duplicate columns. SCRATCH now adds a numeric post-fix to the conflicting (extended) column name.
  • The 'From folder' option in the Conform function did not work correctly with the 'All formats' file filter. Also, Placeholder nodes were not always included in a Conform when the 'Incl. Duplicates' option was enabled.
  • Clearing a metadata value in the Media Browser did not always also explicitly remove the metadata item from the shot.
  • EDL conform no longer creates zero length slots and any dissolve in the first slot is created as a color fade.
  • Re-linking audio did not include any sample rate override that was set originally and as such the audio timecode could change.
  • Added native support for reading DFT Scanity 10-bit monochrome DPX files.
  • In certain cases the Sony decoder would not work because not all required runtime files were present on a system. The current installer includes additional runtime files.

Oct 8 '17, build 960

  • Performance improvement for reading compressed EXR files.
  • Under certain conditions SCRATCH could consume too much/all GPU memory.
  • Segmented R3D file with lower case extension (r3d) were loaded as separate files.
  • Using a plug-in on the source nodes of a 360 stitch or changing the channel format (RGB/A) could mess up the actual stitch. Also, clearing the template used in the stitch node could potentially crash the application.
  • Nest nodes. Nesting a shot with vari-speed was not always working correctly. Deleting a nest node from the composite tree did not always produce the correct results.
  • Format tags of a STL subtile file were not properly processed and displayed as plain text.
  • The default file filter with the Assembler From-folder option was set to 'All Files' instead of 'All Formats', causing SCRATCH to also evaluate non-media files.
  • DNx renders could contain an audio timecode that included any slip that was set. This could cause issue in an AVID workflow.

Sep 10 '17, build 959

  • Stereo node did not always prefetch both eyes which caused a playback performance drop.
  • EXR renders did not include the line offset table correctly, which could cause a playback performance drop for high resolution files.

Aug 30 '17, build 958

  • New Codec Support Pack update (5.0.339). Please note that update contains fixes and changes that for some media formats might affect the resulting decoded images and as such are not fully compatible with the previous version. The update contains:
    • new menu structure for raw formats (GPU/CPU and Fast/Medium/Quality dropdowns)
    • new Quality debayer method (pixel-grouped debayer)
    • RGB gains replaced with Kelvin and Tint controls
    • added support for Canon C700 Raw 10 and 12 bit
    • new HEVC reader
    • added support for more monochrome DPX formats (incl. label change in the formats dropdown)
    • Panasonic AVCi 422 and 444 are now defaulting to full range source interpretation
    • performance improvement for Panasonic AVCi 444
    • performance improvement for Cineform 444
  • File-mask in the Player Media menu was not properly updated in the player-media menu.
  • SCRATCH Play always showed yaw/pitch/roll framing controls instead of the X/Y offset controls.
  • After selecting a path from the recent-list or bookmarks in the file browser, the proxy image was no longer updated.
  • If the sound roll property in the Media Browser is set then the DNx Writer will generate a metadata tag called "Soundroll" which is picked up by e.g. Avid Media composer.
  • Update on live streaming to Facebook that failed after Facebook changed the size of their stream-keys (but also reverted the change again). Also , the stream function now uses new default bit rates.

Aug 18 '17, build 957

  • Added a 'Position' option in the Paste Grade function: this matches shots in the current selection and copy buffer based on the slot-index position (and version index if needed).
  • Change the default size for 3D LUTs to 33 (this is the size ARRI cameras need). Note that if you already set a value in the Player-Settings-General menu, this will not automatically alter.
  • Make sure the user and system settings are saved before the system-close custom command trigger fires.

Aug 4 '17, build 956

  • QuickTime reader was always outputting 16-bit audio - independent of the bit depths of the source.
  • Adding audio to derived output nodes could cause a crash.
  • Wrong metadata was included with 1080i DNxHD MXF that caused Media Composer to not read the files correctly.
  • When the main output node contained grading, SCRATCH continued to pre-load source frames even if the main output node was cached. This caused performance issues.
  • Fixed an issue with spanned clips when loading the main node as still frames.

July 21 '17, build 955

  • Convergence controls were not always available with an active stereo node.
  • Speed up of loading large file sequences.
  • Default Kelvin value for Panasonic DNG media was incorrect.
  • Fixes on Z-Cam WonderStitch interface.

July 13 '17, build 954

  • Updated various supported headset interfaces: Oculus v1.15.0. / OpenVR v1.0.8. / StarVR v0.059.
  • Fixed issue with rendering audio to MXF where the audio tracks could contain noise if the camera source contained silence.
  • H264 output was not including audio when HDR metadata was enabled.
  • A Cube LUT with only a 1D LUT could cause other (3D cube) LUTs to not display correctly.
  • Adding audio to a shot / (derived) output which already inherited audio from an input could result in wrong slip value. Furthermore, a drag action of the audio (wave form) to adjust the slip used the wrong drag acceleration. Adjusting the slip of a derived output node by dragging was not always applied to the correct node.
  • The 360 OpenCL stitch could have an issue on certain graphics cards (e.g. AMD on a Bootcamp systems).
  • The Z-Cam WonderStitch interface is updated to work with the latest version.
  • Updated QuickTime / mp4 color space tagging. As QuickTime only has a limited set of possible color space tags, SCRATCH would in certain cases tag a clip based on its resolution. Now, an explicit ‘undefined’ tag is set. In addition SCRATCH adds its own color space metadata references so that when loaded back into SCRATCH the clip is tagged exactly the same as it was rendered.

June 26 '17, build 953

  • On OSX all gallery items were selected when opening the gallery trays the first time after entering a project.
  • You could not drag/drop new shots directly into the version stack.
  • Fixed an issue with decoding certain Panasonic GH5 media by updating the H264 decoder.
  • In certain cases SCRATCH was unable to link the audio tracks with an DNx-mxf video track.
  • Update on the stitcher. You can now read OZO camera metadata files directly. Also added a new seam-finder method (Radial) which works better in situations where there are a high number of cameras with a lot of overlap.
  • New ARRIRAW SDK to version
  • Improved decoding speeds of DNG and Kinefinity.
  • Automatic canvas convergence through the Stereo Eye Separation option in the Camera menu worked in the wrong direction.
  • Certain data columns in the system settings dialog where not sizable and showed too small on systems with high resolution displays.
  • Shift+F12 short key was not working properly.

June 8 '17, build 951

  • Fix for SDI live view that did not always pick up on the live signal when started the first time. Also improved the format detection for BMD live view signal.
  • Fix of an issue with the auto animate of vertices that was introduced in the previous build.

June 6 '17, build 950

  • Animation values where not updated properly after deleting second to last keyframe.
  • After entering the ZCam Live view, SCRATCH would no longer render framing on existing timelines when not exiting SCRATCH fully first.
  • Reading / writing extended metadata into EXR could crash SCRATCH if the metadata data length exceeded a certain size.
  • Adding keyframes while in dual view with the same source shot did not work properly.
  • Media menu in the Matrix was not highlighted when source remapping was applied.
  • Conform Match function did not always pick up new matches after loading additional media.
  • Since the previous build, certain control text label were not properly clipped if the text was too long for the control.

May 29 '17, build 949

  • Fix on interpretation the timecode of certain aaf files. Also, having the Incl. Duplicates option in the Assembler off resulted in an empty conform.
  • SCRATCH is a bit more conservative in claiming memory at startup.
  • Z CAM integration updates: Live view was not working after last camera firmware update: camera now requires restart on changing the video system (NTSC, PAL). Also an update on the Z Cam file browser where downloaded files were not always loaded into the construct automatically.
  • The 360 Stitch Setup could potentially crash the application.
  • Fix on OpenFX that prevented new Boris FX plugins to be instantiated on a layer.
  • Fix on interpreting and processing metadata of Panasonic GH5 media.
  • XML output for custom commands now includes output resolution and render path.
  • Reintroduced - interpret XAVC log-curve files (S-log/S-log2/S-log3/S-log3.cine/etc) as full range by default (XAVC MXF only).

May 19 '17, build 947

  • Previous build could have a problem installing on older OSX versions.
  • Updated Chinese translation included.
  • Update on handling render problems: SCATCH did not always show the event log but only wrote errors to the log. For file sequences if an image fails to render no file is generated. for container formats a frame with the missing frame color is rendered.
  • Invalidating multiple items in the process queue at once was not working properly anymore.
  • In- / out points where not always maintained properly when adding a plug-in on a node or when nesting a node and (cache) rendering it.
  • For certain plug-ins (RE:Vision) SCRATCH will no longer automatically fall back to CPU processing when GPU processing fails - to avoid inconsistent render results.
  • Various updates on Publishing function. Added an option to explicitly reset/clear your access token to your Vimeo / YouTube or Facebook account. SCRATCH was not always processing the in/out points of clips properly when using timeline audio. SCRATCH is now using a the new Vimeo API. For both Vimeo and YouTube the authentication challenge/response procedure is now fully automated and does no longer require copying of codes.
  • For live streaming out of the ZCam , SCRATCH potentially could use a wrong framerate, resulting in out of sync audio.
  • Panasonic IntraLT XAVC was not always scaled properly.
  • Added an "All formats" file filters buy default for all file groups (this filter was already available with e.g. media types but not yet for LUT / grade files).
  • Applying a grade from an item in the timeline tray to multiple shots required re-select the tray item after each apply action.
  • Under certain circumstances, loading media into a clean construct could alter the color space of the main output node.
  • Assembler did not apply effects on versions when you included duplicate matches in the result.
  • Could not pick the tracker box when entering tracker / stabilizer – but required an extra click to select.
  • Qualifier did not always function correct when adding a fill to the layer.

May 12 '17, build 946

  • Drag&drop from version stack to memories results in incorrect thumbnail.
  • The Construct Layerstack could show up in Player after a Fetch action.
  • Structure View overlay menu could show while view not active.
  • Stabilizer rotate for 2 points tracker now on by default.
  • Stereo dissolves were not displayed properly on the second monitor.
  • Multiple instances of H264 encoder with same file name but different extension did not work.
  • All files produced by X264 and larger than 4096x2304 where not always playing back correctly due to a wrong decoder level in the files.
  • Stitch updates: support for radius and crop functions in external templates. Added crop controls to the Stitch detail window. Improved performance on AMD GPU.
  • A project output tree template was not applied on the first construct when creating a new group.
  • Added copy/paste quick keys (ctrl c/v) to the calculator.
  • MaxCLL and MaxFALL tooltips were swapped
  • Various OFX tweaks for improved plug-in support.
  • Certain CR2 files from Canon 5D Mark II only showed black.
  • Z Cam 360 Camera integration; Live preview / file management / WonderStitch integration. This functionality requires a special license.
  • Live Streaming function now uses hardware h264 encoding (NVIDIA + Windows only). Also, added a Clear button to explicitly remove credentials from interface and user settings.

Apr 14 '17, build 944

  • SCRATCH could hang on startup on OSX with certain non-English language / keyboard combinations.
  • Various fixes and tweaks for RE:Vision OFX plug-in support.
  • Fix on Report Generator where clearing the custom logo was not stored properly.

Apr 6 '17, build 940

  • Using (ACES) CTL scripts in combination with a 3D LUT could end up in a wrong application of the LUT or even a crash when loading the project.
  • UI fixes. Pressing character-keys did not properly scroll the project list on the start screen. The tab quick-key to get a clean Player UI did not function correctly anymore. Added quick-key shift+F12 to (cache) render nest and plug-in nodes.
  • Fix on ARRI RAW where monochrome images were show in red with the fast debayer.
  • Fixes on OFX plug-in processing. Switch between GPU and CPU processing was not functioning correctly. Plug-ins that require multiple frames for analyzing a shot could end up claiming more memory than needed.
  • Creating a collector node in the construct could change the order of the remaining version shots.
  • Proxy reference frame position after a scene detection could be wrong.

Mar 23 '17, build 939

  • When SCRATCH was started as player by opening a media file directly or when entering the player from SCRATCH Play – it could crash.
  • Fix for rendering interactive-overlays which certain (OFX) plug-ins use.

Mar 17 '17, build 938

  • Initial release: Note that this release requires a re-activation of your license key. All licenses and subscription keys have been automatically updated to include this version. If your permanent license does not have a valid support contract you will not be able to use this version. Please read the full Release notes to see what is new in this version or view this Feature Highlights Video.


    • Read the Release notes for any compatibility issues.
    • Make sure you have the appropriate license to run the new version / build. Contact licensing@assimilateinc.com if you have any questions.
    • Backup all your settings and projects before installing any new version of SCRATCH.
    • Un-install any previous version of SCRATCH using the Add/Remove Programs option in the Windows Control Panel.
    • Legal notices - SCRATCH contains software licensed by third parties. Before installing SCRATCH click here to find all information and legal notices.
    • Download the software using the links below.
    • Unzip and run the .msi installer file or installation package for OS X.

    Download the latest SCRATCH Build from here:

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