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The MyASSIMILATE site at http://myassimilate.assimilateinc.com contains functions for license management but is also an entry point for the repository and gallery collaboration tools. 


The MyASSIMILATE site requires you to log in with your Assimilate account: email and password. You can create an Assimilate account on the MyASSIMILATE site or on the Assimilate support site. This same account is used to access the various collaboration tools from SCRATCH. 


MyASSIMILATE is the portal to manage your SCRATCH licenses from. If you are assigned license administer privileges you will find an overview of all available licenses and their status. You have administrator privileges either because:

  • you have been explicitly assigned administrator for an organization by Assimilate Licensing: email licensing@assimilateinc.com for any question regarding licensing.
  • You bought a license through the Assimilate on-line store at https://store.assimilateinc.com and used the same email address as your Assimilate account.

The main Licensing page in MyASSIMILATE shows you all unused (not yet activated) license keys, permanent and temporary licenses and subscriptions currently in use.

Emergency Licenses

If you have a valid temporary license key or a permanent license key with a valid support contract - you can use the emergency license option to create a temporary license that you can use on any system. There number of temporary licenses that you can create is limited.

Extend Licenses / Support

To easily extend a temporary licenses or update support with a license, click the tool icon next to the license. this opens up a dialog from where you are forwarded to the on-line store.


A single repository holds a collection of SCRATCH projects that can be shared between a group of SCRATCH users. Typically a single repository is used by a facility. An individual can however have access to multiple repositories. A Change Log is maintained with each project in a repository. How a repository works with SCRATCH is explained in detail later in this chapter. The Project Repository module in MyASSIMILATE is used for user administration and for exposing the project Change Log to non-SCRATCH users.

Note, that the project repository is in beta-phase at the moment and not enabled automatically. If you want to try it out, please reach out to support.

Project List

Show the list of active projects in the selected repository. Each project shows the date the last change was made. You can click the selected project to open the Change Log which shows you all project changes, the date on which they were committed and the user who committed them. From the Change Log window you can also change the name and status of a project. Projects that are deactivated are not removed from the repository but are no longer visible in the Project List.

User Admin

A new repository is created by Assimilate Support and is then assigned an administrator. This administrator can give others access to the repository and can also assign other administrators. From the User Administrator section you can add users by entering their email address. Note that this user needs to already have an Assimilate account. This account is not automatically created.


From the profile page you can:

  • update your profile: name, company, function.
  • view the various administrator roles that you have been assigned.
  • change your password.
  • Upload a company logo for personalizing your SCRATCH Web UI and the printed reports.

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Last Modified:Wednesday, June 13, 2018