05 - Primary

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05 - Primary


The default Primary menu consists of five Tracker Balls, one for each of the following color adjustments: Color-A, Lift, Gamma, Gain, and Color-B. When you are in CDL mode (User Setting), the Primary menu is presented as a set of slider controls - shown later in this paragraph.

matrix color menu


The order of these Tracker Balls on the menu reflects the ordering of the color adjustments as outlined above with the exception of Gamma, which is placed in the center due to its general relationship with Lift and Gain.

The Tracker Balls can be manipulated either directly or through a Heads-up interface.


The Lift, Gamma and Gain Tracker Balls have a cross hair indicator at their center. This cross hair indicates the direction and amount of color bias that is being applied for each parameter. You can click and hold on the cross hair and drag it in the direction you’d like to adjust. The display will continuously update as you make adjustments.

The outer ring around the Lift, Gamma and Gain Tracker Balls is the Master offset control for that parameter. You can click on the hash mark indicator and drag the ring clockwise,or counterclockwise, to increase or decrease the Master level.

For Color-A and Color-B, the Tracker Balls represent Hue and Saturation adjustments. Clicking inside the color wheel area allows you to adjust the Hue offset by rotating the color wheel in the desired direction. The color offset is shown as a separate ring inside the color wheel area.

The outer ring around Color-A and Color-B control the Saturation adjustment for each. You can click on the hash mark indicator and drag the ring clockwise or counterclockwise to increase or decrease the Saturation.

All direct manipulations can be modified using the Quick Key: Shift to alter their responsiveness.

• Quick Key: Shift

» Modifies the sensitivity of the Tracker Balls

Note: The settings for the Quick Key: Shift is made in the Control Gearing section of the User Settings menu in the Start-up Screen. See Chapter 3 –THE STARTUP SCREEN for more information about setting the Control Gearing options.


Another method of adjusting the Tracker Balls is to use the Heads-Up mode. Rather than having to click inside each Tracker Ball, you can use several Quick Keys to select a parameter and then make adjustments using the mouse within the View Port.

• Quick Key: J

» Control Color-A

• Quick Key: K

» Control Lift

• Quick Key: L

» Control Gamma

• Quick Key: ;

» Control Gain

• Quick Key: '

» Control Color-B


When the Quick Key is pressed, the corresponding Tracker Ball gets a yellow highlight around it.

With the Quick Key held down, the entire View Port area becomes an active Tracker Ball interface. Clicking anywhere in the View Port, and moving the mouse, is the equivalent of moving the Tracker Ball cross hair in that direction, or rotating the Hue offset in the case of Color-A and Color-B. The mouse wheel controls the associated ring parameter for the selected Tracker Ball.

This allows you to remain focused on the image, while adjusting the grade, rather than having to constantly look down at the menu. The result is a very fast and intuitive method of color grading.

Tip: These Quick Keys work even if the Main Menu has been minimized by swiping down off the bottom of the screen.


Below each Tracker Ball is the Reset button. In its normal state, the Reset button resets all the parameters for the associated Tracker Ball. You can use the Quick Key: Shift to reset only the Master or Saturation for a particular Tracker Ball. When the Quick Key is held down, the Reset button’s text changes to an M on Lift, Gamma and Gain. This indicates a Master reset – and an S on Color-A and Color-B, and Saturation reset.

Similarly, you can hold down the Quick Key: Control to reset only the Color portion of the Lift, Gamma and Gain Tracker Balls, or the Hue offset of Color-A and Color-B Tracker Balls.

• Quick Key: Shift

» Activate Saturation and Master reset controls

• Quick Key: Control

» Activate Hue and Color reset controls


The CDL toolset user settings (see Chapter 3 - User Settings) limits the functionality of the Matrix to CDL (Color Decision List) supported primary grade tools presented as a set of sliders.

matrix color menu

When CDL Mode is enabled the Color menu is the only menu available to make sure you do not work outside the scope of those parameters. These parameters are:

  • Slope = Pre-gain,
  • Offset = Offset,
  • Power = Gamma,
  • Saturation = Color B saturation.

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