Read the SCRATCH Performance Indicator

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Read the SCRATCH Performance Indicator

You can use the Quick Key: CTRL-F1 to open the SCRATCH Performance Indicator at the top of the User Interface.

The Performance Indicator displays the speed at which certain operations are being performed.


This is the average playback rate in frames per second over the last 4 seconds.
The color of the FPS indicator identifies the current synchronization method:
WHITE = Refresh locked to every V-sync interval.
GREEN = Refresh locked to a swap interval. For example, a 72Hz display refreshes every 2 V-sync intervals
RED = Unlocked. The display is refreshed based on an interval that may not coincide with a refresh of the monitor, such as audio playback. Some tearing in the image may occur.


This is the average time it takes to build up the Shader, LUT and Geometry for rendering. Generally, this is an indication of how hard the processor is working to create a displayable image.


This is the average time it takes the graphics card to render a single frame.


The graph in the middle represents a running history of the average frame rate.


This is the average number of Megabytes transferred from main memory to the graphics card during the last second.


This is the average number of Megabytes read/written to the disk sub-system during the last second.


This is the number of Megabytes of virtual memory currently in use.


The bar at the bottom of the meter represents the state of the buffers in the graphics card.
RED = Buffer unavailable
GREEN = Buffer being used
BLUE = Buffer ready for use

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Last Modified:Wednesday, September 19, 2018